Property Insurance Appraisals

Appraisal is a process frequently found in many insurance policies but is most commonly used in property damage situations. Our accredited expert consultant can impartially estimate the cost of repair during the process of

property insurance appraisals in Colorado.

Property Insurance Umpire

A third party selected to independently render a decision when the parties disagree on some point. Qualified by courts and arbitrators as an expert in assessing the cost of repair, we are an impartial and competent

property insurance umpire in Colorado

who can help appraisers settle claim disputes.

Owner’s Representative

Working on behalf of the owner from design through construction to ensure cost control, quality control and accurate cost accounting. As a new construction residential owner’s representative in Colorado, we work solely for the owner, entirely on their behalf.  Essentially, we are an industry expert oversight team, there to ensure process and accounting accuracies. Typically, the amount we save the owner, more than pays for our services. This service is custom-tailored to the specific needs of each owner; they can select the services desired.

  • Design team selection

  • Plan review

  • General contractor selection

  • Finish selection

  • Pay application review

  • Quality of construction review

  • Change order review

Contract Claims

Contract claims analysis for the owner, general contractor, or subcontractor, we provide analysis and support for all aspects of contract claims construction.

  • Loss in productivity

  • Schedule analysis

  • Acceleration

  • Delay

  • Change in project conditions

​Construction Litigation Support

  • Cost of Repair Estimating

  • Reasonableness of cost

  • Allocation of responsibility

  • Defect and liability analysis

  • Mediation

  • Expert testimony

  • Trial support and preparation, including exhibits